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Airport Advertising

Advertising at Pensacola International Airport gives companies and organizations the opportunity to get their message where it matters. We connect brands to travelers through classic and dynamic advertising opportunities. Strategically placed in high traffic locations, our advertising displays will draw your audience at every point in their journey.  Pensacola International Airport offers the chance to expose your brand to thousands of passengers and their families every day. Below are some of the display options we have at PNS.


Pensacola International Airport has a great mix of passengers.

  • Approximately 45% of our traffic is considered business travelers.
  • Another 45% is the leisure traveler, and
  • the remaining is military.
  • On average, these individuals spend 90 minutes in the terminal before their flight. 

why choose pns?

Unlike many airports, the indoor advertising program at PNS is completely managed by airport staff, without any affiliation to third-pary companies. This affords PNS the ability to offer quick responses and turnaround times, great customer service, and the ability to adapt our displays to fit your needs. 

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