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Pensacola International Airport has a long and storied history dating back to the 1920’s and 1930’s.  In 1933, Lee Conner Hagler and Harry Blanchard purchased 504 acres of wooded land northeast of the city. The two cleared space for two grass airstrips and erected a surplus Navy hangar. On April 7, 1934 the first commercial flight landed in Pensacola — a 14-passenger tri-motor Stinson from Atlantic and Gulf Coast Airlines. In 1935, the City of Pensacola purchased the airfield for $50,000 and made Blanchard manager. With the help of the Works Progress Administration, the City of Pensacola developed Hagler Field into a permanent municipal airport. National Airlines began regular commercial service to Pensacola on November 1, 1938.

Hagler Field - 1940
Hagler Field – 1940

PNS is located in Escambia County, approximately three miles northeast of the central business district of the City of Pensacola. Escambia County is located on the Gulf of Mexico in the extreme western portion of the Florida Panhandle and borders the State of Alabama on the west and north. On the east, Escambia County is bordered by Santa Rosa County, Florida.

At an elevation of 121′, Pensacola International Airport consist of commercial and private air service as well as aeronautical and cargo businesses sitting on over 1400 acres of land.  To learn more about the airport and its facilities, download the Airport Fact Sheet.

Foreign Trade Zone #249 Foreign Trade Zones are specially designated areas where foreign merchandise can be placed in a duty and tax free environment until it is ready to enter the commerce of the United States. Raw materials or goods can be imported into a zone to produce goods that are duty-free or have a lower duty rate. The basic purpose of the Zone program is to encourage international commerce and provide jobs for Americans. Companies from around the world locate in the U.S. in a commercially friendly environment. In many cases the Zone program enables companies to compete on an international level.

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Pensacola International Airport is an enterprise department of the City of Pensacola. Matt Coughlin, Airport Director, reports directly to the City Administrator and is charged with carrying out the policies set by the Pensacola City Council.

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