Operations & Badging

I Need To Apply for a Badge.

Applying for a new badge is a two-appointment process with the Airport Badging Office. For your first appointment, please bring with you the following completed forms:

You will also need to provide in the Badging Office your two forms of ID from the List of Acceptable Documents. Copies are not accepted. For examples of acceptable forms of identification, please visit the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website. The Badge and Fingerprint / STA Application must be completed in its entirety. If you meet one of the following three conditions listed below, you must provide those identifications used to complete the Badge and Fingerprint / STA Application. The three conditions are:
  • You are not a U.S. citizen
  • You hold a non-immigrant visa
  • You are a U.S. citizen born abroad or a naturalized U.S. citizen

All badge applicants will be fingerprinted unless:

  • You are applying for an AOA badge or ID card.
  • You are an employee of the Federal, state or local government (including a law enforcement officer) who, as a condition of employment, has been subjected to an employment investigation that includes a criminal history records check.

The paperwork and fingerprinting process constitute the first appointment. The CHRC (Criminal History Records Check) and STA (Security Threat Assessment) clearances must occur before the individual proceeds any further in the process. Please note these checks and clearances can take up to two weeks.

Seven to ten (7 – 10) business days after your initial appointment, please contact the Badging Office at (850) 436-5113 to inquire about your clearances. If all required information has been received, your second appointment will be made for you to take your training. For Secured Area badges (gold), SIDA badges (blue), Sterile Area badges (white), AOA badges (red) and anyone who drives, security training is taken via the IET (Interactive Employee Training) computer. There are security, Non-Movement Area Driving and Movement Area Driving components. Please allow about one hour for security training and 30 minutes for each driving training component. In addition, depending on your particular access level, there may be an additional security brief to read and initial. Further, for those individuals with a Public ID badge, a security awareness training module will also be completed on the IET computer. Once your training or security briefs are successfully completed, the new badge is issued.

All identification badges issued by the Pensacola International Airport are the property of the Airport and must be returned immediately under the following conditions:

Upon expiration of the badge (it is a serious security violation to display an expired badge)

  1. Upon separation of employment (for any reason)
  2. When job function no longer requires an airport-issued identification badge
  3. Upon demand of the Pensacola International Airport
  4. Upon conviction of any of the disqualifying crimes (see CFR Title 49: Transportation § 1542.209 letter (d) for a list of disqualifying crimes).

All badges that are lost, stolen or otherwise unaccounted for must be reported immediately to the Airport Operations Center (AOC) at (850) 436-5000.


Badging Office Location & Hours of Operation

The Badging Office is located on the second level of the terminal building adjacent to the security screening area.

The Hours of Operation are as follows:
Monday through Friday      0700 – 1530 (7:00am – 3:30pm)
Saturday and Sunday          Closed

Contact the Badging Office

(850) 436-5000 (main number, ask for the Badging Office)
(850) 436-5113 (direct number)
(850) 436-5006 (fax)