Pensacola International Airport Reopens After Hurricane Sally

Pensacola International Airport Reopens After Hurricane Sally

Pensacola International Airport will reopen at noon (Central Standard Time) today, Friday, Sept. 18 to commercial air traffic. The PNS operations team has worked with all airport partners to ensure the airport is safe and secure in order to resume normal operations.

This determination comes after extensive coordination with TSA, airlines, parking, Air Traffic Control and security teams.

While the airport facilities are open, passengers will need to work with their airline to determine flight schedules and availability. Many flights may still be canceled, and it may take a couple of days for the airlines to resume their normal operations.

American Airlines, United Airlines, and Frontier will resume flights on Saturday, Sept. 19.  Delta and Southwest will begin commercial air travel today, Friday, Sept. 18. Please check with your airline to determine flight availability.

“This reopening was a monumental effort by our team here at Pensacola International Airport as well as the many crews from our security contractor, IT, TSA, baggage handling, and our maintenance staff. There are many parts to an airport that have to be checked and rechecked to ensure safety and security, and we have completed those in order to reopen to normal commercial air traffic” Airport Directory Matt Coughlin said.

Crews are still working on many systems around the area, and the airport has been periodically losing phone service. If you have questions, please email We ask that everyone be patient as we respond to emails. Many questions will be answered through social media posts rather than individual responses to emails.

Passengers are reminded to continue to adhere to the safety precautions put in place due to COVID-19. Masks are still required to be worn, and passengers are asked to maintain appropriate distancing while at the airport.

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