Fly Easy With Curbside Passenger Pickup and Dropoff

Experience hassle-free travel at Pensacola International Airport (PNS) with our convenient curbside passenger pickup and dropoff service. As the travel season continues to sizzle, we’re committed to keeping things moving smoothly for arriving and departing passengers. Here’s how you can help us in our efforts.

When picking up or dropping off passengers, make use of both the inside and outside lanes for efficient loading and unloading. If you can see the passengers you’re picking up or dropping off, pull over to the right or left-hand curb, greet them warmly, and lend a hand with their luggage. However, please avoid parking and waiting for passengers who have not yet exited the airport, as this can cause unnecessary congestion.

To minimize traffic congestion, it’s essential to keep the middle lane clear for through traffic. However, always remember to stop at the marked crosswalks for pedestrians’ safety. We prioritize the smooth flow of vehicles while ensuring the well-being of everyone at the airport.

In case you anticipate a longer wait, take advantage of our complimentary parking service. You can park for up to an hour in any of our designated parking areas, free of charge. So, if flights are delayed or baggage takes longer than expected, you can comfortably wait until your party is ready for pickup. Once they exit the terminal, drive up to the curbside and reunite without any hassle.

Our goal is to make your journey through PNS as effortless as possible. Although we can’t control external factors like weather, airlines, or TSA procedures, we strive to provide a seamless experience for our passengers. We appreciate your decision to choose Pensacola International Airport as your travel hub, and we look forward to serving you with excellence.

Remember these tips and enjoy a stress-free travel experience. Pensacola International Airport is committed to making your journey convenient and comfortable.