COVID-19 Readiness at PNS

COVID-19 Readiness at PNS

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has certainly changed the way we live all across the world. We have gone from working together in buildings and offices to working from home. Schools have gone from brick and mortar to online classes. If they are allowed to be open, restaurants and bars have been limited to 50% capacity. These are just some of the ways, in addition to wearing masks and physical distancing, that the world has changed due to COVID-19. 

Airports all over experienced a massive decline in passengers and flight offerings. At the start of the health crisis, the air industry, including Pensacola International Airport, saw a decrease of over 90%. Air travel was a huge question mark at the time. Enter the CARES ACT…  (well, that’s a topic for another post)

As airports began to reopen and commercial air travel resumed, changes had to be made in order to be better equipped to provide a safe travel experience. #AtTheReady is our commitment to ensuring the safety and health of all passengers who arrive and depart through Pensacola International Airport.

What is #AtTheReady?

In light of COVID-19 and a heightened concern for public health, Pensacola International Airport has launched an Airport-wide effort “AtTheReady” to implement best practices designed to slow or stop the spread of germs and viruses. The Airport is also strongly urging passengers and guests to modify behaviors and follow guidelines designed to keep themselves and others healthy and safe.

In addition to the items below, we ask everyone to stay home and do not travel if they are sick or not feeling well. Here are some of the changes we have made to make PNS a safer environment for our passengers and guests:

Enhanced cleaning

Airport staff has increased the frequency of cleaning of airport touch points. Additionally, PNS utilizes electrostatic sprayers with disinfectant solution.

face masks

Face masks are required to be worn while at the airport in accordance with City Ordinance 15-20. Airlines also require face masks to be worn. Exceptions do apply.

floor decals

As a reminder, decals have been placed on the floor to help keep proper distancing while waiting in lines and in hold rooms

airport displays

Airport digital and free standing displays show COVID-19 response information encouraging proper hand washing, mask wearing, and physical distancing.

hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers have been placed throughout the facilities for our passengers and guests to use. We are proud to offer microSURE, an antimicrobial sanitizer solution. Learn more about microSURE here.

safety shields

Acrylic safety shields have been installed at all ticketing, car rental, and boarding counters to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The staff at Pensacola International Airport, as well as our many partners, understand that not any one of these alone will stop the spread of COVID-19.  However, if we all work to follow these guidelines and procedures, we believe that it is a tremendous defense at slowing and stopping the spread of COVID-19. 

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