Fly Easy With Curbside Passenger Pickup and Dropoff

We Keep Moving Through Summer!

After a record-setting travel weekend and an exciting Red, White, and Blues week, things are still busy here at Pensacola International Airport. To help you Fly Easy during this busy travel season, we have a few updates to share with you. 

The heat doesn’t seem to be slowing down the travel season, and we are working to keep things moving in front of the terminal for arriving and departing passengers. 

Here’s how you can help:

Use the inside lane and outside lanes for actively loading or unloading passengers.
If you are dropping off a passenger or can see the passenger(s) you are picking up, pull over to the right-hand or left-hand curb to meet them. Feel free to greet your passenger,  give them a hug, and help them with their luggage. However, please do not park and wait for passengers who have not yet exited the Airport. 

Curbside parking and waiting can cause traffic congestion with so many passengers coming and going through PNS. If you are picking up a passenger or party, please have them call or text you as they depart the building and are ready for pickup. Once you see your party, pull over, quickly load up, buckle up, turn on the appropriate blinker, and slowly move out into traffic to depart the Airport.

Avoid stopping in the middle lane–except for pedestrians!

We want to keep the middle lane open for through traffic as much as possible, but remember to stop at the marked crosswalks for pedestrians!

Need to wait longer? Park for up to an hour in any lot – free!

We understand that flights can be delayed or bags can take a while to arrive at baggage claim. If you are picking someone up at PNS and prefer not to driving around the airport, feel free to park in one of our designated parking areas for up to an hour at no charge. 

Then, when your party is ready to be picked up, you can drive up and meet them curbside as they exit the terminal. 

We hope these adjustments will help you Fly Easier with us. While we don’t have much control over the weather, the airlines, or the TSA, we do hope we can make it easier for you to come and go through PNS. We know you have choices when you fly, and we thank you for choosing us!

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