Special Screening: April Improvements at PNS

PNS have been renovating our escalators to improve reliability and energy efficiency. We are pleased to announce that the renovations for the “down” escalator from the concourse have been completed, and it is now in service. The replacement of the “up” escalator is scheduled to begin later this summer and is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving.

The escalator improvements, costing approximately $1 million, have been two years in the planning. We want to remind our passengers that escalator shutdowns are often caused by trips or falls, which require inspections and maintenance. Therefore, we encourage everyone to hold onto the rail and watch their step, not their phone, when getting on or off the escalator. For passengers with multiple bags or children who require supervision, elevators are available as an alternative option.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue with these improvements, which are aimed at providing a safer and more convenient travel experience for our valued passengers at PNS. Stay tuned for further updates on our Modernization and Expansion plan, and thank you for choosing to Fly Easy with us!