Special Screening: April Improvements at PNS

As we continue to work through our Modernization and Expansion plan at Pensacola International Airport, we want to keep you updated so you can Fly Easy when you fly with us.

We are excited about the planned improvements to our airport. We know you have a choice when you fly, and we want to make sure you continue to choose PNS. Like any construction or renovation project, some of these improvements may be a slight inconvenience, so we appreciate your patience.

TSA Screening Machine Upgrades

We were informed earlier this year that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will be replacing the security screening machines this spring and summer. While not ideal timing given our busy summer travel season, the TSA is a separate agency from the airport, and they scheduled this project based on the availability of the contractor and the equipment.

TSA will begin this work the week of April 24, 2023. They will replace one of the four baggage screen lanes at a time, leaving the other two in service for passengers. The new scanners will be based on state-of-the-art CT technology that will improve the accuracy of baggage scans, reduce the number of bags diverted for manual screening, and improve passenger throughput.

We expect each baggage scanner replacement to take approximately three weeks, so plan on some construction to be taking place into the summer months. The TSA will staff the checkpoint to screen as many passengers, as quickly as possible, during peak times. However, please be aware that you may experience a delay, and the TSA guidance for our passengers is to arrive two hours early to allow adequate time before your flight.

One Escalator Down, One to Go

You may recall that the “down” escalator from the concourse was in the process of being replaced over the past several weeks. We are pleased to announce that those renovations are complete, and we now have both escalators in service. Later this summer, we will begin the replacement of the “up” escalator, which we expect to be completed by Thanksgiving. These escalator improvements will cost about $1 million and take two years to plan. Once complete, the escalators will be more reliable and more energy efficient.

Remember, the primary reason for escalator shutdowns is when someone trips or falls on them. At that time, we have to stop the escalator and have it inspected. You can help us and your fellow passengers by always holding onto the rail and watching your step (not your phone!) as you get on or off the escalator.

When in doubt, especially if you have several bags, or children who need supervision, feel free to take one of the elevators available to you.

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