Vote for PNS as USA Today’s Best Small Airport

This month, you can support your hometown airport by voting for PNS as the Best Small Airport in USA Today’s Top Ten Best contest! The contest is sponsored by USA Today and features several small airports around the country, including yours truly. 

The contest runs through the month of September to October 2, 2023, and the best part is, you can vote every day! 

Click here to vote each day!

Now, we think it should be obvious that PNS is one of the best small airports, but in case you need some extra convincing, here are a few of our favorite things about, well, us! 

Free and fast wifi. 

Seriously, how many airports offer free wifi that isn’t loaded with plugged-in ads or isn’t so slow that the tablet entertaining your kids can barely stream Netflix? 

There’s nothing worse than being in an airport and needing to respond to an email or check out that funny TikTok video and being charged $9.99 for an hour of wifi. We think its a pretty great amenity for our airport to offer passengers, and we’ve heard from many of you that you agree. 

Easy access to everything. 

Aside from our location right in the middle of Pensacola, with hotels, shopping, dining, and neighborhoods right around the corner, we think PNS is a pretty accessible airport in other ways too. 

We have ticketing, security, departure and arrival gates, baggage claim, rental cars, and visitor information all inside the terminal. No need for extra trains, subways, shuttles, or other transport. Once you get here, your next stop is your destination. 

More Blue Angels than (almost) anywhere. 

As the birthplace of Naval Aviation and a place that sees our fair share if airplanes, we’re big fans of the Blues. You’ll find them pretty much everywhere around our airport–and sometimes flying over the airport–which we think is pretty cool. 

From a model Blue Angel welcoming you at our entrance, to a cockpit that keeps kids occupied at baggage claim, to several Blue Angel displays around the terminal, and an occasional sighting of the Pensacola Police Department’s Blue Angels Patrol Truck, we think that’s something that sets us apart from other airports. 

So, take a moment for the next few days and cast your vote for Pensacola International Airport as the Best Small Airport in the country! 


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